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How to commission a Pet Portrait

From 60 - €600
I like to use photographs as reference for my drawings. It is best to have a few pictures of the animal and a brief description of their characteristics.

Pictures can be sent as JPEG files to
info@troislievres.eu or hard copy pictures sent to the address above.

All pictures will be returned.

Price List

All pictures include mounting, double mounted in cream. Framed drawing price on asking.
Dogs or Cats
Single (head and shoulders) Small (approx 200mm x 260mm) = €85
Medium (approx 260mm x 360mm) =€100
Large (approx 300mm x 410mm) = €125
Two (head and shoulders) (approx 300mm x 508mm) = €160
Three (head and shoulders) (approx 300mm x 508mm) = €200
Single (whole body) (approx 300mm x 360mm) = €135
Two (whole bodies) (approx 360mm x 508mm) = €240

Single horse (head and shoulders) (approx 300mm x 410mm) = €120
Two horses (head and shoulders) (approx 360mm x 508mm) = €200
Single horse (whole body) (approx 300mm x 508mm) = €160